It's just out of craziness :P

hehehe.... hi all, I am updating my blog after so long!

and I'm just wondering if there is any kind/ patient souls who are still checking up my blogs on and off ;)

Anyway, that was my main intention too.

Hopefully all who came here after the blog is posted are strangers haha....

I had a secret.

Not really a secret anymore anyway if you are here reading this . haha..

I ermm... I just spontaneously did some recording of my singing,

and posted it on You Tube. haha.... It's my first time..

I just had the sudden urge to do it. You know that kind of adrenalin rush where you just needed to do it, there and then.

Here you go, my first cover:


just listen with an open heart, ok? haha cuz I just did it without much practice. something like one-take. you know.. haha... Just fell in love with this song last week. I know it's not really me, the perfectionist me...

So excuse me if I didn't sound like A-Mei, well, I'm not her. I am me. I'm not a superstar. I am just me.

Hope you like it!


编曲:Adrian Chan








I love my mom

I miss them..
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Hi, it's my 398th Post.

Today is "ren ri", people's birthday, or "everyone's birthday", so long as you are a living human being!

I just realized it. I mean, i just recalled about this ren ri. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

I was feeling rather tired and exhausted the entire day.

has become clumsier, and seems like my physical body is quite weak.

Having pain, showing that the big auntie is gonna visit anytime soon.

Mentally, being quite messy up there. cluttered thoughts. confused ideas.

It's more to the negative sides. I better stop all that.

How is everyone doing?

For me, there are things which are moving forward, and things which are staggered, some which are stagnant.

For the one which is moving forward, I'm very happy and glad about it.

I hope I would become better and better. Thank You Dad for the support, finally. And Family. And whoever who gave me supports. Thank You. I guess I would be spending more time over there.

Things which are staggering, moving unsteadily.... I'm sorry for my lack of productivity, recently. It's because there is lack of people's support. I believe, we all can't just work at a place, without human bonding, without human touch, without love between each and every partner. Well, I'm just not a person like this. Independent, yes, but not to the extent that i could work and work, as if I'm the mother, and i'm just working for my children's sake, despite having no more love or any affections towards my husband. If you know what i mean.

I think, to work as a team, as least we must love each other as a friend. Respect, and all that. Some told me that If I would just focus on my part, and do my part, and care no more about what the rest has done, things would fall correctly at the right places. Okay, I would try to do something. Try my best, and give focus on my own acceleration.

But i'm just wondering why i could just start disliking someone so easily. I should really change that.

I'm also curious at how poor people are at their After Sale Service. They just forget about you completely. They treat you like shit after deal is closed, transaction made, and money transferred. You know what i mean? That's really irritating, and it pretty much upsets me.

Beginning to see and tearing more of the masque covering the reality. I guess what i saw and experience are only 0.00001%.

When we are studying, we always think that life is beautiful, you are just being negative. It is, but i guess the reality is as such, and will be as such as least for the time being. And what we have got to do, to change the world, is just change the way we think, and the way we view things.

Just like there is never someone perfect for you, you just have to love his/her perfections and imperfections as well, in order to make the love whole and beautiful.

About the thing which seems like it's not moving at all, I was passionate, the fire was burning hot, obstacle came....... was that a perceived obstacle? or is it really there? It could be a great thing. I'm quite confused, and unsure as to continue, or to stop. Am i just wasting my money and time just like that?

Have been having several conversations. About understanding. Respect. Change. Expensive Things is Better. Time Management...........

Sometimes i too would just fall into pieces. feeling scattered. you know what i mean. It's exactly how i feel now. sometimes people would tell me how good how good I am, sometimes they would come and tell me how terrible i am.

Something which i really need to learn is stop wanting to win over all battle. And stop wanting to be the first. And stop trying to prove myself right.

I'm rather tired. I think i need a good rest. You too, have a good rest yourself.

With Love.

Kinda my First Time!

I've finally tried it myself today.

After hearing and seeing many people trying it.

After many people trying to push me into the same fire!


I was rather afraid, scared, and anxious.

Always didn't want to try it, had super low pain-tolerance. still is very low, negative something :P

Today, I was asking him to just touch and see it. Just feel it. No poking in. ONLY FEEL.

Then he managed to pull me into poking in.

I asked him, will it be painful? Please. Please be gentle.Please....... Really not painful right???

Can you let me have a seat first? I'm starting to get drowsy.... sweats coming out.




eh, the feeling is not bad afterall...

No pain after poking in,

Just a feeling that something has entered, then he was poking and finding a sensitive spot..

I.... I have to admit, I liked that feeling. It's so mysterious. It felt like playing hide-and-seek.

He was like searching for me... searching for my soul(the sensitive spot)....

" Oh my god" I thought to myself, " it actually feels so nice and gentle...."

despite him saying that this might be a very sensitive spot and might have quite strong feelings.

"Ahhhh... ok OK. ENOUGH..."

He handed me the cotton pad. and the rest said " Ok, Next!"

Yeah, that was my first ever acupuncture experience! :)

I know what you are thinking, even myself felt that way, well, it's just the way i put it, and i can't help it. haha..
he was just feeling along the bone of my second finger, diagnosing what problem do i have.....

Seriously, I am starting to like being acupunctureD.  He was being so gentle, and it made me feel loved! Are all acupuncturist as gentle and loving? :)

Oh my god. I know it might sound like there is really something wrong with me, but I guess, we all love to feel loved, and love to feel that someone was actually looking and searching for us...

haha. loving acupuncture. 

Thank You Teacher. :)

Go have a try, but no guarantees though, after all, it all depends on the acupuncturist! hehehe...
If you wanna try the same acupuncturist, you can just give me a call or email me, I will let you know where he does his acupuncture treatment and service :)


Just testing here to blog with my phone!
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Always wanted a...


Was just thinking about this, my house next time, I will have a place,

a very nice and comfortable open space,

 a balcony, specially for this telescope, and for me to view the beautiful sky and outer space! :)

Look at how beautiful the stars are :)

 I'm a person who can just sit or lie down, to just watch the sky and stare at the twinkling stars.

And not get bored even after hours :)

My Wish List <3

hang loose

I have many things to say.

I know not to speak wisely. I know not to speak appropriately.

If you would just come closer, you can hear me whisper. I speak better that way.

I'm too worried about what you think, what he thinks, what she thinks, and what they think.

Living under pressure, thinking that I should be great in everything,  or i shall be ashamed of myself.

Being overly detail-oriented, that's what they say, making all people around me so stressful, wait, do you mean that not many people are like that? You mean all people will only scan through main points? Wait, you mean I'm a perfectionist?

Crap, I didn't even know I was one.

But truly, slowly i could sense that people are not having great time around me. People get tensed up. People are so stressed out. Am I giving all of you too much pressure?

My dear friends, do know that I love you alot. Do forgive me about me being overly pushy. They said I should stop being so detail-orientated. They said I should let go, and learn to hang loose.

I'm quite afraid that when i hang loose, i might loose everything.

Am I holding everything too tight, till I can't receive anymore things?

Is everyone fed up and getting bored of me?

I'm a sensitive person. I cry very easily. I always want to prove myself right, when you think i'm wrong but when I think I'm right

Perhaps I should just let it all go. and relax.

Why are some people always loved by everyone around them?

How nice to be like one. How nice to have everyone listen to what you have got to say.

How nice to be loved by everyone. How nice to have people enjoying your company, and wanting to see you everyday.

I'm sorry. Deeply sorry for any stress or tensions caused.

They said you don't have to give any explanation about yourself to anyone. Reason being:

1. People who knows you well enough doesn't need that.

2. People who don't know you well probably don't even give a damn.

So I will just Say: I'm sorry. I wished to have treated you guys in a looser way. In a more relaxed manner. which we will have a happier relationships, and merrier happenings...

Good Night, I mean, yeah. Good Night.

A better tomorrow, yeah, and hopefully, and looser me.


I think i'm in love

I loved you, I'm loving you, and I will still love you always like how I did, and how I always do.

I think I'm in love. I'm stalking on your facebook. I'm reading your old posts on your blog. I'm even thinking about our past old memories. I'm reading our sms again. I can't wait to see you everyday. I can't wait to just come and see you smile, even if it's just for one second.

But man, I'm in loved with a totally wrong person. Which i should not fall for again.

Man, I still want to see you smile. I still want to make you laugh. I love you. I'm still so in love with you.

And I simply can't let you know that I really do, deep down in my heart..

Let it be there. Remained as a secret. Always.

I am not a superwoman you know

Currently I am under a lot of stress.
Wanting to get things done. but seems like time is running short.

Nowadays i get too blunt. Sometimes if you did something wrong, especially when it comes to not being responsible, you might not see me getting angry.

You might just see the colour of my face will start to change. Maybe turning black.

That is the time, when i feel like giving you few slaps on your face.

Yes, i have a strong urge to slap whoever who are so irresponsible, whoever who doesn't think wisely, whoever who cannot be awakened by just simple advice, and especially those who kept wanting to change their life, but is doing nothing about it.

I have so much anger and frustration in me currently.

sometimes i feel like just stop being so good and nice.

Have been meeting so many people recently, and I have found out a conclusion, people will always be selfish. People will always find ways to take advantage of you. People will always come near you because of certain thing you hold or possess is beneficial to him/her.
I don't exclude myself in this category.

But i hate it when i act like a nice tiger, people will think that i'm a sick cat. And start taking advantage over me.

I'm tired.

I need my own time.

I need my alone time.

I think i'm getting too drained out.

I think my liver is not in a very good condition.

I think I'm pushing myself a little too hard. Perhaps that.

I slowly have lost trust and faith in people.

If you find that i no longer call or talk to you nicely, it is when i suddenly realized that i'm being used, i'm being too nice to you, and you are not doing the same, and i have decided to delete you from my life.

I think i will feel better soon. I hope so.

Reiki Healing 霊気

I will going for Reiki Healing Level 1 This Saturday! (4th September 2010)

Anyone interested, do call the master surjit at 012 284 6615, or you may e-mail me at should you have any query.

It's a course teaching and attuning you to Reiki Healing. :)

"Reiki (霊気, English pronunciation: /ˈreɪkiː/) is a spiritual practice developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui. It uses a technique commonly called palm healing as a form of complementary and alternative medicine and is sometimes classified as oriental medicine by some professional bodies. Through the use of this technique, practitioners believe that they are transferring healing energy in the form of ki through the palms. "

( Wikipedia,

Benefits of Reiki

1. Reiki can be used on animals, plants, children or any living being

2. Reiki is the highest form of healing energy, it is always safe and can never harm.

3. Reiki lasts a lifetime. Once you have the attunements, regardless of whether you use the energy consciously or not, it is always with you.

4. Reiki does not interfere with medical treatments; it actually enhances medications and assists the body to heal at an optimum rate

5. Reiki can be successfully combined with other healing methods and is a useful tool to have, which can be incorporated into daily life. It does not conflict with religious beliefs therefore it is a teaching that can be used by anyone.

6.It is available 24 hours a day, right there in your hands! :)

Let's become Reiki Healers, shall we?

begin with level 1, and if you are truly interested,

you can join the level 2 & 3, which enable you to do distant reiki healing.

It means that just by seeing a person's picture, wherever he or she is, you can channel healing energy to that person, anytime, anyplace!

can't wait for the attunement!!